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Here are some frequently-asked questions clients ask about that you may be curious about as well.

Still have a question that isn't on the list? Visit the Contact page to send me a direct message.

Question: Should I book a facial if I have sensitive skin?

Answer:  Absolutely, all the products are organic and designed to be used on all skin types even sensitive skin.

Question: What is the Waitlist for on your booking site for?

Answer: If I'm fully booked or you want to see if there is possibly of me being able to get you into a spot you don't see on the online booking site. Also if you need to get a appointment earlier then 10am.

Question: Are you certified to be offering hair replacement?

Answer: I am, I am certified with Hairskeen in non-surgical hair replacement.

Question: Do you offer body grooming services for women?

Answer: Unfortunately I do not, this isn't something I'm comfortable in offering to women but I can definitely give you recommendations on other service providers.

Question: Are you a transgender, gender fluid & nonbinary safe space?

Answer: I am, I have a large clientele of people in the LGBTQ+ community. My system has the option for you to input your pronouns so I know what you prefer before you arrive. 







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