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Hair Replacement

Let's talk about the best hair replacement solution currently available.

If your tired of trying to compromise with thinning & receding hair, non-surgical hair replacement is the perfect solution to get quick & instant results. Get the hair that you always wanted without the need of painful surgeries & injections that aren't always a guarantee.

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hair replacement

Hair System Customization 

Your system will be completely customized to your area of recession but also to match your hair color perfectly and the base will be chosen depending on your lifestyle which ensures for a undetectable hair replacement system. All systems are handmade.

How is the system attached?

To attach your hair replacement system I have many skin safe adhesives & tapes designed for the hair replacement systems. The way I attach one client will be different from the next depending on how active you are, oil production & other factors.

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hair replacement 3

Benefits of hair replacement 

Everyone wants to feel confident and when I install hair systems on my clients that is exactly what comes back to them. Confidence, it's another opportunity to have fun with your hair & elevate your style.

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What's the maintenance?

Once we attach your system you'll be able to treat it like you grew it out of scalp yourself. That means you can pull at it, wash it and style it without the concern of it detaching. Apart of the first appointment is teaching you how to wash & maintain it till your next maintenance appointment.

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How long does the system last?

You'll be coming back for your maintenance appointments atleast every 3 to 8 weeks. It will be depending on your hairstyle/haircut & how often you need to be reattached.

How many systems do I need?

For all clients you want to have enough systems to last you a year so you get the peace of mind of knowing you'll always have great hair but also because hair systems are in high demand so you want to get what you need while you can because it's not always in stock. We'll create a organized plan to last you the full year. I recommend all clients to have a total of 4 hair systems to last them the whole year.

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What is Hairskeen?

Hairskeen specializes in hair loss solutions, with technical and business education classes with the only network of highly trained stylists for the hair replacement professional. 

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