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Hair washing

Grooming Services

It's essential for you to look & feel your absolute best. I offer a unique variety of grooming services to get you that much closer to finding your balance. All services are designed to create a relaxing & tranquil experience.

All new clients are required to pay a one time 50% Non-refundable Deposit.


Haircuts & Beard Grooming

All haircuts come with a complimentary wash, invigorating scalp massage, hot towel & style. Contact me before booking a travel appointment. This is more then just a haircut, it's an experience.

New Client Haircut

For new clients & if you haven't been in the salon in the past 6 months select this service.


Returning Client
Short Haircut

$45 - $60

Returning Client
Medium Haircut

$65 - $80

Returning Client
long Haircut

$85 - $100

Beard Trim & Sculpting 

$20 - $35

Special Event Hair

Look your best for that special event and make it a lasting memory. Miguel provides event styling services in the salon or on location. Contact him for a complimentary virtual consult before booking.

$40 - $60

Early morning & Late Night Appointment Fee

Any appointment earlier then 10:00AM or past 7:00PM will have this fee added to it.


Travel Appointment fee

Needs to be within 20 miles or less from my salon, anything longer will get a custom price based on distance.

$100 +


Facials & Skincare Treatments

Were all slowly aging but that doesn't mean our skin needs to show it, having a active skincare routine can help maintain the moisture, elasticity & complexion of your skin. If this is your first facial, try out the renewing express facial.

Renewing Express Facial


Balancing Rejuvenating Facial


Let's be clear acne rehab facial
beat the clock lifting & Firming Facial
Enzyme Peel (add-on)


Ultra Power Peel (add-on)


shirtless man

Facial Waxing & Body grooming

For all body waxing & body grooming I require all clients to be freshly showered. All products used are organic skincare made for all skin types and wax used is designed for sensitive skin.

Understanding the price:

Trimming / Shaving / Waxing

Eyebrow Waxing & Sculpting 


Ears & Nose Waxing


Manscaping Chest or Back

$25 / $45 / $65

Manscaping ArmPits

$20 / $35 / $40

Manscaping Arms

$30 / $35 / $45

Manscaping legs

$30 / $65 / $85

Manscaping Below Belt

Standard price includes a pubic trim, shaving the base of the shaft, shavings the balls & hot towel treatment.

$45 / $55 / $65

just the Taint (Add-on only)

The space between your balls & hole. Recommended for maintaining good hygiene.

$10 / $15 / $20

Manscaping just the Cheeks

Just the butt cheeks, trimmed down to skin.


The Perfect Peach (Butt Wax)

Full butt wax including the crack & taint. Finished with a shave and hot towel treatment.


Manscaping Full Body

Includes Chest, Back, Armpits, Arms, Legs, Below Belt & The Perfect Peach

$200 / $250 / $350

shirtless man 2

Color & Hair Treatments

Color services require a in-person or virtual consultation. All color services receive a complimentary hair mask & blowout. Davines is my preferred color line, they are based in Italy and are producing high-end color free of ammonia, PPD, sulfates and parabens. Davines is a B-Corp and is plastic neutral, carbon neutral and a renowned leader in regenerative organic farming. 

Color Refresh

This service is perfect if you need a color retouch, natural gray blending or a gloss/toner. 


Partial Custom Color

This service is ideal for clients who hasn't been in the salon the past 4-6 months and want to maintain their current color.


Full Custom Color

Select this service if your a new color client or if you haven't been in the salon in the past 6-12 months.


Solu Clarifying Detox

This Davines treatment is for exfoliating the scalp & getting rid of product build-up in the hair & scalp. 


OI Softening & Smoothing Treatment

This Davines treatment is for smoothing & softening coarse hair and natural gray hair. For the client who wants a deep conditioning treatment that will give a instant illuminating effect with a smoothing finish. This treatment is perfect for gray hair that is hard to manage that tends to frizz.


Olaplex Treatment

This treatment is for damaged hair and maintaining strong, healthy, hair. Olaplex repairs by rebuilding the broken disulfide bonds.


hair replacement

Non-surgical Hair Replacement

Visit the Hair Replacement page to learn more before you book your consultation.



New Hair Replacement Client 


This appointment is scheduled only after the consultation in person. All clients supply their own system.

- Creating Your Template & Customizing The System

- Installing The System

- Cutting Your Hair & The System

- Essential Take Home Kit

- Maintenance Education

Full Service Maintenance


This service is for when it’s time to come in for your maintenance visit. 

Existing Clients Only

- Removing The System

- Washing The System

- Washing Your Hair & Preparing for Reinstalling

- Cutting Your Hair

- Reinstalling The System

- Styling

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